Cougar Alert – Do’s & Don’ts


“If you see a Cougar, that’s the last thing you will see”

So, what to do if you see a cougar in the wild?

Something I’ve heard quite frequently since coming to Canada. Sometimes it’s a joke, but don’t be fooled.

Cougars are not going to let you rub their belly. After noticing a couple of sightings in southern BC recently, mainly Whistler and Grouse Mountain, I thought it was time to finally find out some information about what to do if/when you meet a cougar.

As a relative newbie to Canada, I have never experienced an encounter with a cougar. Most of the time we concentrate on bears – but let’s check out what you should do if you meet this big cat.

What to do if you see a cougar

  • Stay calm
  • Keep the cougar in view
  • Pick up children immediately
  • Back away slowly
  • Give the cougar a clear way to escape
  • Make yourself look as big as possible
  • Never run or turn your back on a cougar
  • Sudden movement or noise can provoke an attack

Cougar In Canada

What to do if a cougar follows you

  • Be aggressive
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Show your teeth
  • Make loud noises
  • Arm yourself with rocks or sticks

If a cougar attacks

  • Fight back
  • Act like a threat and not prey
  • Use anything you can as a weapon
  • Attack the cougar’s face and eyes

NO BIG DEAL! Stay safe! 🙂

Thanks to VanCity Buzz for this advice!

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