Jobs in Edmonton

Did you know that Edmonton is the oil capital of Canada?

It’s true!

Edmonton-Alberta-CanadaThe skilled workers required for this industry are hard to find and so the city and local government are now looking to fill vacancies by advertising them to foreign migrants and skilled laborers. So, if this is your area of expertise, you’re in luck!

Yes the oil industry is a big player here, but don’t write Edmonton off as a one trick pony just yet. Plenty of other sectors are offering employment also. The IT, banking and biotechnology sectors are all doing well. And if you are looking for casual work, you’ll find opportunities in retail, hospitality and restaurant or bar work. After all, these miners and engineers need places to shop, eat, drink and socialise! Tip: look for opportunities at the West Edmonton Mall!

The feedback we have from working holiday makers on the ground in Edmonton is that you won’t be long finding work here – giddy up!

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