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Jobs in Canada are plentiful once you know where to look. Where to work in Canada might take you a while to decide but once you do, your working holiday plans will start coming together. After you have read this introductory section, we suggest you read our jobs sections by city, i.e. Jobs in Toronto and Jobs in Vancouver. Finally, check out the list of top employers by region which you can find in our Working Holiday Canada Jobs Kit (WHC Jobs Kit) and tips for finding and getting work in our free Working Holiday Canada Guide.

Whether you are hoping to shred the slopes of Whistler as a ski instructor, swap business cards with Canada’s version of Patrick Bateman in Toronto, or serve Starbucks espressos in picturesque downtown Vancouver – Canada is not short on variety. And if you are after the true Great White North adventure (and you have a beard), you could even venture further north where there is an abundance of jobs in the oil and mining industries in cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon.

That said, finding a job is probably one of the hardest things you will do while on your working holiday, but cheesy as it sounds, maintaining a positive outlook is half the battle. Put some time and effort into your CV/Resume, do your research on the job area you are interested in, and then get yourself out there.

You will need to prepare you CV/Resume specifically for Canada. A typical resume in Canada is not necessarily the same as what you would send to an employer at home. If your CV does not match the typical format used in Canada, you risk being rejected before employers even begin to read your resume.

Get access to our Resume Guide and Resume Templates by registering for our free WHC Jobs Kit. This will also give you access to our working holiday specific jobs search tool and list of Canada’s Top 100 employers from 2010.

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