Toronto Accommodation

Toronto StreetcarToronto is big, busy and bustling! It is Canada’s largest city and has a population of 2.7million, while the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to 5.6 million people. If you are headed here on your working holiday visa you won’t be the only foreigner on the block though as almost 50% of Torontonians have moved here from overseas. If you are Australian, you will be glad to hear there are 12 Aussie Rules clubs, and the Irish will be tickled pink to know there are about 10 GAA clubs.

As regards weather, Toronto can be unbearably hot and humid in the summer and most old accommodation in the city will not have air conditioning. That said, beggars can’t be choosers, so if you can’t afford a pad with AC, suck it up and head to one of the 79 fully air-conditioned Starbucks across the city! Winters here can also be brutal, with heavy snowfall and not a ski hill in sight to make use of it. Although monthly average temperatures only dip as low as -7.3 Celsius, the reality of the wind chill makes it feel a lot colder.

  • Average January temps: -7.3 to -1.1 Celsius
  • Average July temps: 17.9 to 26.4 Celsius

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