The people who created and maintain the site are people just like you who left home in search of work and adventure in a foreign country. Some of us did a summer or more in Toronto, others took their snowboards to Vancouver and Whistler. While many of us have now returned home, some of us are lucky enough to still be here!!

Back when we were planning our own trips to Canada we searched all across the World Wide Web and had serious difficulty finding a site that had all the relevant information in one place. Unless you are getting your visa through an agent, gathering all the necessary information can take weeks of digging through websites, forums and blogs.

Canada About

With that in mind we figured, now that we are/have been in Canada and have learned a thing or two, why not make a site that would promote this great programme run by International Experience Canada (IEC) and help others enjoy their big adventure in The Great White North.

To get our website started, we began looking for a “Business Angel” who could help us along in the early days. That sponsor was Taxback.com and they continue to support us today.

In putting the site together we have tried to cover the main issues that people will encounter and consider important, such as Jobs, Accommodation, Banking, Visas, Phones, Taxes, Social Life. However, if you have any ideas for adding to our site, or if you just want to ask for some advice, feel free to make your suggestions through the Suggestions section of our site.


The Nouveau Canucks!