Jobs in Montreal

NOTE: Consider the seasons when looking for work in each city. If you’re looking for casual summer work, there is no point in arriving in July and starting your search. It will be too late! Instead, start your research online and begin sending CVs/Resumes even before you go. Most seasonal employers will begin their summer recruitment drives in March or April if not earlier.

See below for further information on jobs in each of these cities.

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Jobs in Montreal

Montreal AccommodationFirst off, you’ll need a good level of French in order to work in the majority of jobs in Montreal. But if you’re considering coming here, you probably already knew that!

Career-building roles are available in a number of industries including aerospace, electronics, software, manufacturing and transportation. Plus, the Port of Montreal is the largest inland port in the world and you may find suitable opportunities here also.

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On the other hand, there are casual and seasonal jobs available in hospitality, tourism and retail, not to mention Montreal’s numerous call centres. Again, speaking French will be required for most of these jobs. Un cappuccino s’il vous plaît?!

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