Travel Insurance for a Working Holiday in Canada

Are you going on a working holiday in Canada? Our resident Blogger The Loose Moose AKA Ercus Long will fill you in on his working holiday in Vancouver. This week he’s reviewing the cheapest options for Canadian travel insurance. Check it out below…

After a two year foray in the happy cost effective world of not having health or travel insurance, I’ve gone full circle and have become one of the most insured men in North America. This came about as I bought travel insurance for Canada while having a bad aul dose of the fear. This fear led me to insure myself for all possible eventualities. Including accidents caused during hot air balloon rides, elephant treks, and amateur archery competitions. Love a bit of archery I do…

To compound this silly move I actually didn’t even choose the cheapest insurer. Despite the fact I had spent all morning researching the best prices and making up this spiffing little table you can see below.

Grade 1 Grade 1 + Skiing Grade 2 + Skiing Grade 3 + Skiing Grade 4 + Skiing
Multitrip 169.99 205.98 308.97 411.96 617.94
Goforless 195 255 382.5 510 765
Premier Cover 179 218 327 436 654
Premier Plus 205.99 254.99 382.49 509.98 764.97
Grade 1 Skiing Grade 2 No Skiing Grade 3 + Skiing Grade 4 + Skiing
Worldnomads 450.76 785.35 583.39 785.35 1121.9
Basic Skiing Level 1 level 2
VHI 215 261 361 460


*By Skiing i mean all Wintersports just couldn’t fit the word Wintersports in the box!

I went with VHI full back packer insurance. I was so afflicted with the fear I felt I had to go with a household name! I’m embarrassed for myself. I actually think it was the pregnant woman advert that got me…’It’s just something I don’t want to have to think about…’

The insurers break the activities and sports you may undertake into grades and then with ski cover or without ski cover. Grade 1 usually covers activities like jogging, soccer and tennis. Grade 2 covers activities like mountain biking, surfing, hurling and horse riding. Grade 3 is your slightly more risqué pursuits like American football, rugby, abseiling and gliding. Grade 4 for all you daredevils and heavy-handed insurers like myself covers things such as kite surfing, high diving and hand gliding.

That’s the general jist of the grades, but check each company, as they will all differ slightly. You can see Multitrip’s breakdown here. VHI bundles their grades into three bundles of activities.

NB: Most insurers allow you to insure for individual activities, which works out a good bit cheaper.

Next week I’ll check out the cheapest routes to the land of the Cannucks.






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