The Cost of Renting in Canada

Uploaded on 16 June 2021
Canada is an excellent choice for anybody looking to relocate to a new country. It has a developed economy and a diverse culture, as well as kind people who are very welcoming.

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) allows young people from all over the world to work in Canada for up to 12 months in any Canadian province and for any Canadian company. You are not required to have a job offer to be eligible for the Working Holiday Program.

The cost of rent in Canada is one of the factors that may influence where you choose to go on your working holiday.

Depending on where you go, you may end up paying anything from $1,000 to $1,700 for a one-bedroom apartment. As you can see, there can be a huge difference depending on the area so it’s worth doing a little research into what it will cost you to live there!

Last years, Padmapper analyzed hundreds of thousands of listings to come up with the price of renting!

While the average rent for all property types in Canada was down by about 8.5% in March 2021, the prices in Calgary increased by 1.8%. According to Dailyhive, Toronto had a significant decline of 18,7%, Vancouver with 8.8%, followed by Edmonton – 6.6%, and Montreal with 4.4%.

In this guide, we will compare the cost of renting in some of Canada’s major cities.

1. The cost of rent in Vancouver, BC

Aerial View Of Downtown Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

One of the most beautiful and laid back cities in Canada is also the most expensive. According to Padmapper, the median rent of a one-bedroom apartment in June 2021 was $1,995 and $2,800 for a two bed.

It might be a good idea to choose one of the well-connected suburbs to live in rather than the city. Vancouver has great transport links and you will find more affordable options in the outskirts.

Kitsilano is popular for its famous beaches and really comes to life in the summer months. You can find something here for around $1,700 per month according to Zumper. Other popular areas include East Vancouver and South Granville.

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2. The cost of rent in Toronto, ON

Toronto, Canada

Toronto hit second place in the most expensive cities with the monthly cost of a one-bed hitting $1,431 and $1,661 for a two-bedroom. The closer you want to be to ‘downtown’ the more expensive your rent will be. Vacancy rates are at an all-time low in Toronto so start your search early.

The High Park North Areas are a popular spot with a village atmosphere and rental prices here range from $1,100 per month for one bed.

Mid-Town Toronto has plenty of interesting neighbourhoods that are at their most vibrant in the summer. Rosedale and Summerville are considered more affluent areas with Eglinton being a more up and coming part of the city.

3. Victoria, BC

Canada harbour

Apparently, Victoria saw rents rise by 2% last year with a median rate of $1,323 for a one-bedroom pad. Due to the high population growth, the vacancy rate is low. Fairfield and Fernwood village are both within walking distance of the town.

It’s certainly cheaper to live here than in Vancouver, and you can check out the Victoria cost of living index.

4. The cost of rent in Calgary, AB

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is an expensive city with one-bedroom starting at $1,087 and two-bedroom from $1,323. The monthly rent for an 85-square-metre flat is roughly $1,456. Central locations and trendy neighbourhoods will cost more but Calgary has a good bus system so living on the outskirts can be very cost-effective.

Rents are higher in the northwest and southwest suburbs and areas close to the University of Calgary but lower in the Northeast and Southeast, with nice areas such as McKenzie Lake and Kensington.

5. The cost of rent in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, Canada

In June 2021, Ottawa commanded rates of $1,499 for one-bedrooms and $1,793 for two beds. It’s relatively affordable to live in downtown Ottawa and you’ll find a wide range of prices between $900 and $1,500 per month.

The student-friendly area of Sandy Hill is close to Ottawa’s main university with rents ranging about 1,350 per month.

The Glebe and Ottawa South are prosperous areas of downtown with rates continuously rising in these areas. You’ll find something here for around $1,495 (Glebe) and $1,388 (Ottawa South) per month. For lower prices, you can check out Westboro or Hintonburg, which while lower on price, still has plenty of amenities.

6. Montreal

road signs on a traffic light near a building

You can have a studio in Montreal for about $1,055, a one-bed apartment for about $1,350, up to about $1,800 for a two bed. And of course, the price will depend on whether you rent in or outside the city centre.

Options include the Plateau-Mont-Royal – home to artists and hipsters.

It’s intersected by some of the busiest streets in Montreal and will set you back about $1,290 for one bed or between about $1,290-$2,149 for two-bed, although prices have been continuing to rise here in line with increasing popularity.

Notre-Dame-de-Grace is west of downtown and while close to the city centre, offers great value for money. The 105 bus will take you to the Metro and leaves every 15 mins. Prices here range from $1,098 for one bedroom (June 2021) to $1,459 for a two-bedroom.

While Old Montreal can be expensive at $1,783 for one bed and $2,500 for two-bed, Saint Henri is an easy Metro ride into town and offers one-bed from $1,150 or two beds from $1,350.

Check out some more Montreal accommodation tips and information in our detailed article.

7. The cost of rent in Whistler

Whistler mountain

A popular destination for ski-lovers and dirt bikers, Whistler is currently experiencing a bit of a housing crisis. It’s also a hotspot for tourists which is why it’s more expensive than many of the cities in Canada. If you’re not lucky enough to have the accommodation you will pay anything from $2,000 for a one-bedroom in the village.

You could live in the village itself but it’ll cost ye! Whistler Cay/Whistler Cay Heights is not right in the village but is pretty close. However, you’ll pay more than communities that are a little further out. Other options include White Gold, Cheakamus, Spring Creek, and Alta Vista.

Make sure you research the transport links as outside the tourist season these can get a bit sketchy in some places.

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