Seasons in Canada – Arrival/Hiring/Weather

You will have to consider three types of “season” when planning your departure date.

If you are going to arrive in January, be aware that many other working holidaymakers will be arriving at this time of year – just after their family Christmas at home.

On the upside, many employers will have new staffing budgets. This means that there will be jobs available but competition will be rife.

If you are going to arrive in May or June, keep in mind that summer holidays from the university have just begun so you will be competing with Irish and British students who arrive in their thousands at this time of year.

However, it is the start of the summer in Canada so employers in the tourism industry will be crying out for casual summer workers.

Finally, if you are arriving in October/November you have probably already thought about and have decided to head for the mountains. Many of the ski slopes will be hiring for the ski season which generally begins in November/December – depending on snowfall.

This means there are plenty of job/recruitment fairs held by the bigger mountains in September and October.

Again, be aware, you won’t be the only one dreaming of working the slopes this year – Aussies, Kiwis and British all flock to the slopes at this time of year to partake in what has almost become a rite of passage for many Aussies finishing university.

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