How to ace your Canadian job interview?

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Interviews can often be the least-enjoyable part of the job-seeking experience for employees.

However, if you are well-prepped for your interview, and know what kind of job you want, you should have no trouble finding something that suits you!

Having some experience with interviews is good, but not vital – everyone has to start somewhere!

With that in mind, here are some Canadian job interview tips for you!

What kind of job should I get in Canada?

Because a large number of working holiday applicants choose to visit Canada during the summer months, the hospitality, retail, and construction sectors are quite popular for job seekers.

Jobs can range from these sectors to seasonal work such as farming and festival work.

However, those visiting in winter also tend to work in these areas, especially if they can’t find work in ski resorts.

Whistler and Banff are examples of two popular resorts working holidaymakers choose to work in during the winter months.

Will I be interviewed for my job in Canada?

That depends on the job!

The hiring process for residents and working holidaymakers is the exact same. Thus, it’s always a good idea to apply for your role when you arrive in Canada, as you may be called to an interview within a few days.

You may or may not be interviewed for a position, depending on the role.

For example, it is unlikely you’ll have a formal interview for a construction job, but for a retail job, you may need to undertake an interview in person.

Got an interview? Practice for it!

It might sound weird, but speaking out loud to yourself might just be one of the best possible tips for an interview.

You could get a family member or friend to ask you a list of potential questions, or alternatively, just practice with yourself in a mirror!

If you speak out loud, it can help calm any potential nerves of public speaking.

Speaking aloud will also help cement great answers in your mind for when you may find yourself on the spot.

Ensure the job description suits you

Sometimes the title of the role can draw in the prospective worker, but when they read the role, they may find that it doesn’t appeal to them.

Sometimes, people on working holiday visas may end up applying for and accepting a job offer even if they don’t like the sound of it. This is often due to desperation with failed job searches.

You should stick to ensuring that the role suits you though, as it can be a bad start to your working holiday if you don’t like the work being done.

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How to dress up for your interview?

If you’re wondering how to ace an interview, tidying up beforehand can go a long way.

Ways to do this include dressing smart, and ensuring you don’t look like you just rose out of bed!

This still applies even if you are doing your interview online or in person.

How well you need to dress will generally depend on the role – if you are applying to be a ski instructor in Banff you won’t need to wear a suit!

Know where your interview is

If your interview is by zoom, this will not apply to you, but you at least know how to join zoom conversations!

Many working holidaymakers choose to apply for jobs in the days before or after they arrive in Canada.

Because you may not know the city that well, you should plan routes as soon as you get confirmation of your interview.

After all, if you show up late, let’s face it, there’s a high chance you won’t ace your job interview!

The best way of doing this is with Google Maps as you can edit the time and day you wish to leave at and they will give you an instant route to ensure you are on time on the day.

You should make sure you are there at least 15 minutes early. This way you can also practise questions and answers nearby.

How to ace an interview

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Before the interview

Having a neat and tidy resume will also go a long way to getting an interview for a job.

You should update your resume and cover letter so that it is relevant to each role you are applying for.

Remember, the most important things that should be front and centre are: your experience and your achievements.

When it comes to the interview itself: Prep, prep, and more prep is extremely important!

Being prepared for what an interviewer may ask is extremely important if you want to ace your job interview.

There are certain questions that you should be prepared to answer, that’s why having a solid answer to any question is the best groundwork you can have for your interview.

When planning your answer, you should analyze the specifications and descriptions of the role and personalize each point.

Make 2-3 examples of each skill that you will bring to the role, whether you are a good people person or have experience in the relevant field.

During the interview

They may ask you questions about yourself, often this is the first question you will be asked. It is a good ice-breaker and if answered smartly, can have a good impression on your interviewer from the get-go!

A good way of answering this would be describing where you are from, why you chose Canada, your work experience, and your educational experience.

This is a very popular question that can put interviewees on the spot if they are not well prepared.

You should memorize some questions about the company and the role involved in the company so that you seem to have genuine intrigue about the position.

Smart ways of tackling this question can be describing where you were working, what you were doing, what was the issue, what you did to fix it, and the positives that this brought to your company.

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After the interview

Once your interview is finished, you should wait a few days until you follow up on it, if they haven’t reached out to you already that is.

Haven’t heard back after a week? No worries – you can always send a final follow-up email.

This can just be a reminder of your interest in the role and an update on the hiring process.

But remember, even if you don’t hear back from the company, this is not a bad reflection on you! Many employers don’t provide specific feedback to prospective workers due to the amount of applicants.

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Best of luck with your job hunt!

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