Apply for a Canadian Tax Refund


Have you worked in Canada? If so, you may be due a tax refund. provide Canadian tax refunds for thousands of temporary visa holders and seasonal workers every year. The average Canadian tax refund with is $904. In order to claim your tax refund, you need to file a tax return.

At, we look after the entire tax return process from start to finish. If you’re not sure if you’re owed a tax refund, start by using the free tax refund calculator here. This clever little tool will give you an instant tax refund estimation.

If you’re still in Canada come and say hello at our Whistler, Banff and Vancouver offices. Don’t miss out on money you’re owed!

Useful Canadian Tax Facts:

  • When you work in Canada, you get 15-29% income tax deducted from your earnings
  • The Canadian tax year runs from 1st January – 31st December
  • It’s FREE to get a tax refund estimation from
  • To file your Canadian tax return we’ll need either your T4 or your final cumulative payslip
  • If you’re on a working holiday in Canada, you’ll be classified as a ‘non-resident for tax purposes.’

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