Where to live in Vancouver? A place called home

Finding where to live in Vancouver is a toughie. Your straight off the plane, jet-lagged and just want to get a place sorted. The best way to go about it is to set up a base in a hostel, cheap hotel or friend’s house. Then from there search on property listing sites like:


It’s also a good idea to walk/cycle around an area you like and just check for ‘For Rent’ signs.


When I first got here I stayed in The Cambie in Gastown. The Cambie is a great hostel with friendly and helpful staff. There’s a café attached with decent food, but the main bonus of The Cambie is that it has one of the best and most lively bars in Vancouver attached. Every night it’s fairly jammers.

Roomwise – there are all sizes of rooms at different rates. Obviously the more people you share with the cheaper it gets. I was very lucky to get landed in with three sound lads from Australia. Couldn’t have met a better bunch of lads.

The lads made me feel right at home. They showed me all sights (namely La Taqueria the best tacos in town) and gave me a taste of that infamous BC Bud.

Not usually partial to an aul Oprah Winfrey I decided I’d pace myself. Sure what could four measly inhalations do anyways? A three-hour fast forward slide show of the world around me ensued.

Not usually a Family Guy fan I was now glued to the show back in the room. Deep in the belief, I had opened my mind and was now seeing the world differently. Chomping down those Tacos every taste bud was ecstatic with flavour.

Before I knew it the lads were getting up for work the next day. I myself had a day of house hunting on my hands.

Where to live in Downtown Vancouver

I set my budget for a place to stay at $500-$600/month. As I’m on my own I had to go for a room share as 1bedroom apartments are about $1,200/month.

I checked out a good few places in Downtown all around the $600 mark. Every one of them consisted of a tiny box room with a mattress on the ground, often this bedroom was also the shared living room, with a complete kill you when your sleeping freak roommate.

Although this house hunt was unsuccessful for me I did get to see a few nice areas to live.

Anywhere around the English Bay, the West End and parts of Yaletown would be great to live. I would avoid Hastings/Gastown like the plague.

Although home to the Cambie Hostel it’s not a great area with lots of homeless people. Though for the most part, the homeless people in Vancouver are extremely polite, friendly and helpful.

Many have skills like portrait painting, spoon tapping and traffic directing on rollerblades. One gentleman bet me he could do 30 one-handed push-ups. A fool and his money are easily parted…He did 35 whilst laughing at me.

My new home – Kitsilano

Anyways back to where I found a place to live in Vancouver. I found a brilliant place out in Kitsilano. I saw the ad on Craigslist cycled out and met the landlord. A great buzzer from Poland.

I have a big bedroom with a TV and desk and then a shared living room and kitchen with a nice German lad called Lukas.

Kitsilano is an amazing place to live in. So happy with my choice. It’s a picturesque beach suburb about a 5/10 mins bus journey from Downtown. It’s spotlessly clean with gigantic trees everywhere.

It’s surrounded by three or four beaches so been down a bit even though it’s getting pretty chilly here now.

Next week I’ll be talking about the craic with mobile phone networks or ‘cells’ as they say here. We will also cover getting a SIN and how to get a free Slurpee at Scotiabank.

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