Week 4: From Worker to Backpacker

From Worker to Backpacker all in the Space of a Day!

We have finally got some good news. We got our Canadian working holiday visas approved yesterday. I’m so happy right now; I don’t know what to do with myself. So much to think about… flights, insurance, what to bring, where to stay. I’ll have to go out and dust off the snowboard gear now and try on the new snowboard jacket and trousers Ruth got me for my birthday. Oh shit, what about the bears? Do I need bear repellent? Will Boots have bear repellent?!!!!!!

Here is an Updated Summary of how the IEC Visa Application went for us:

Working Holiday Canada Visa Application Process:

Friday 23rd Dec – We applied direct through the IEC website.
Friday 13th Jan – Confirmation mail for receipt of application from IEC London.
Monday 16th Jan – Email -We have been provisionally accepted – payment requested – email a copy IMM 1295 form to the Canadian Visa section.
Friday 20thJan –Thursday 26th Jan – Email – Our payment was verified – We are through to the next roundMedical Examination Email ( We didn’t require so we ignored it)
Thursday 09th Feb – Letter of Introduction received.


  1. Make sure to save a validated copy of the IMM 1295 form as this is required at a later stage.
  2. When sending the money to the AIB account. There is not enough room for full WTN Number (LDN-IE-12-WHP-0000XX) so we just put it as LDNIE12WHP0000XX i.e. without dashes. (this worked for both of us anyway)
  3. From reading various forums, the lead time seems to be increasing as more apply, so your dates may be slightly longer than those above.
  4. Take a photo copy of all documentation before sending (we forgot to)
  5. Use registered post
  6. Have plenty of patience
  7. Apply ASAP, as the Visa is Valid for a year and once you have it, that’s when the fun begins.
  8. You dont need proof of funds anymore for the application process, u will however need proof at your port of entry

As previously discussed, we decided to apply directly to the Canadian Embassy in London. Although we had some doubts throughout the visa process as to whether we had made the right decision, I can confidently say that applying directly is the best way to apply. The application forms are fairly straight forward and an instruction guide is provided on the website.


Police certs (takes up to 6 weeks), passport photos, passport photocopies are all straight forward. So if you take into consideration the above notes, the process should run smoothly for you. For more information see my earlier blog post.



What Happens Now?

Well it took me about 2 hours to build up the courage to tell my boss. But I finally manned up and handed in my notice. Now I feel completely free, all the hardship is out of the way and we can begin to plan all the exciting stuff.

My Next week’s blog will provide details on flights, insurance and accommodation etc. oh and I might even reveal my real name.

If anyone has questions about the Visa process, leave a comment below or on the Facebook page, and make sure to press the like button to be notified of any blog updates.



Best of luck applying,

The Loose Moose


  • Anon says:

    Can you tell me what forms are required? I have filled out 2 forms, one for iec and one for the Visa section, there was also stuff on the website about a temporary residents visa and a form about family information, do I need to send these forms also to the visa section? I am an Irish resident hoping to go to Canada with some friends, I would really appreciate any advice you can give!

    Ps. Your blog is really helpful, thanks!

  • Anon the second says:

    Hi there,

    The blogs great. Is there any embassy meeting or anything like that?


  • Papa Fiowtz says:

    This is brilliant. Some really helpful tips.


  • Joan says:

    Great website, well done.

    Do you know if you have to get photocopies of passport certified for example by a commissioner of the oaths??

  • John says:

    Do you have to have the police cert before you apply? 5 weeks is such a drag!

    • The Loose Moose says:

      Hey John,

      We actually got our police cert in 1 week as we rang the district office and were very nice and polite to the relevant Garda, who in turn sorted us out. Find out where your local district office is and email them the form. Ring them to see if they got it, give them a sob story etc etc. Worked for us.

      Oh and yes you do need it to apply


    • Bayanihan says:

      I agree I actually did see a small group out in the wild while hkinig one time a small group of cows, with one huge bull. It was in Poudre Valley (near Ft. Collins). And the trail went right between the Big Guy and his ladies! It was kindof scary we came up on them without realizing, and were too close. Didn’t want to walk between them. Ended up waiting for 1/2 hour, then just heading out cross country, through very deep snow, to try and go around! Adventure!!

  • Bronagh says:

    Hey there,

    I was just wondering why you need the validated IMM 1295 form for later? Just because I tried to save it on my computer but it would only allow me to save a blank form. I did photocopy a copy of it though, so I could scan that onto the computer. do you think that would be ok?

    Oh and great website. Though I should probably stop reading this kind of thing because I get too excited and still have aaages to wait!

    • Anon the second says:

      Hi Bronagh,

      Did you try right clicking and opening with Adobe reader? You should then get the form with fillable fields.

      Hope this helps!


  • James Jackson says:


    Your a life saver! haha. I was worrying so much untill I read your blog. Its helped so much and now iv finally had my first email form the IEC after a month of waiting..

    My question is on your letter of acceptance for your visa: How long does it say the letter is valid for? Is it a year?

    Many thanks

    • The Loose Moose says:

      Hey James, Im glad to hear the blog helped you out. The Letter of Acceptance gives you 1 year from the date of the letter to enter Canada. Then you have 1 year from that date to stay in Canada. Hope all goes to plan.

      The Loose Moose!

  • John Kelly says:

    Did you have to get a police certificate from your time in OZ?

  • Declan Morrissey says:

    Hi loose moose just a simple question for you. for the family info form do you tick worker or visitor? I’m applying for the Iec too!

  • Ms. Moose says:

    Hi Declan,

    I just checked the soft copy of the forms we sent in and we ticked “worker” in the IMM 5645E form (family info). Hope this helps and apologies for the delay in replying! Good luck with your application 🙂


  • Alice says:

    Hey im a little nervous. I am sending my forms tomorrow and after printing off the IMM 1295 form (after validating it) when i save it the reference numer in the bottom left hand corner of the pages seems to change. I hadnt changed any details. Can you check your copy and your sent electronic form to see if the reference number is the same or not because i cant find a way around this and im worried it will be a problem when i need to send the form accross. Thanks

    Alice 🙂

    • The Loose Moose says:

      If you save it before you print it and then close and reopen the document, the number should be the same. I’m not sure if my numbers matched, and I’m not sure if it matters, but better safe than sorry. Worse case scenario, take a photocopy.

      Best of Luck,

      The Loose Moose

  • Dave Holley says:

    Hey Conor

    Great blog, just a couple questions;

    a) Do I need to include anything other than the 11 documents on this page http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/ireland-irlande/experience_canada_experience/application_guide-guide_demande.aspx?view=d.

    example – do I need to include the Document Check list?

    b) If i have a common law partner that is applying separately do i need to fill in the declaration form for that?


    • The Loose Moose says:

      Hey Dave,

      Hope all is well. For a common law partner, just leave it blank, the last thing you want to do is complicate things as it will wreck your head in the long run.
      And no we didn’t include the document checklist. Best of luck applying.


  • Danielle says:

    Hi there, Just a couple of questions

    On the family form if you don’t have kids, is it neccessary to put in N/A or just sign the part of the form that says you have no kids?

    Also last time there was a space to attach passport photos, where as now they go in on their own, did you attach them anywhere else or put them in loose?

    And finally for city/town province. I live in the country where my town is Portlaw, and my city is County Waterford. For town do I type in Portlaw and for province County Waterford? Im a bit confused with that one… thanks!!! Great site here

    • The Loose Moose says:

      Hi Danielle!

      Hope all is well. Im glad all that form filling out is behind me, its a nightmare.

      1) We put in N/A for everything
      2) We just put the photos straight into the envelope.
      3) We put Leinster for provence.

      Hope this helps, best of luck!!!!


  • Danielle says:

    Thanks so much, Am in Vancouver at the mo, just don’t want to go home and praying i’m not too late only 400 left now.

    • The Loose Moose says:

      Yeah its pretty scary they went so quick, They were still going till september last year

      Best of Luck!!!

  • Matty says:


    I have a slight problem, I lost all my files on my laptop incuding all my visa forms i had saved. So I have just paid my fees but no longer have a copy of my IMM1295 form.

    Does anyone no a way to get around this?



    • The Loose Moose says:


      Maybe just fill the form out again and hope for the best, I’m not sure it will work, but its your best option.

  • hp208 says:


    Very useful blog, wish I had read this before spending hours trying to work out which forms to fill in etc. As a result I am now panicking that the copy of the IMM1295 is not exactly the same as the one I sent off. I have a feeling I printed it off twice and the number changed or something :-S I guess I’ll just have to see how I go! There were only 26 when I got my IEC confirmation and payment request on friday (25th May) – if I’ve paid does this guarantee me a visa (providing I pass the next stage). Are they ‘holding’ one for me as it were? Not sure if you’ll know this kind of information but thought I’d ask anyway!

    Have an amazing time/I hope you’re having an amazing time!

  • Matty says:

    Well I just printed off a new IMM1295 and sent that, no problems and I got my visa and LOI within a couple of weeks.

    So for reference if anyone is as daft as me and doesnt take copies of the IMM1295, print and fill out a new one!

    Just shopping for flights now!!


    • Sudha says:

      We saw a moose on the side of the road our 2nd day in Newfoundland earlier this month. We were on our way to a criuse of Witless Bay and Emma was telling someone on the boat that we had seen a moose on the way there and he couldn’t believe it. Said that he had been living in Newfoundland for a year and a half and still hadn’t seen one and it had only taken us a day and a half to encounter one.

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