Week 1: Getting Visas

In 2008 four friends and I travelled the world together; before this I had spent 6 months in America on 2 separate J1 Visas, travelled to Thailand for a month, spent 3 months island hopping around the Greek Islands and have been to countless places in Europe.

During my year of travelling in 2008, I spent 1 month in India, 3 months in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia, 5 Months in Australia and finally 3 months in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia.

I am 100% addicted to travelling. In addition to this I am an outdoor fanatic, trying to juggle between Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rugby, Soccer, Gaelic, Boxing and More.

I am the Moose and this is my blog for my next big adventure: A one year working holiday to Canada……

Figure 1: Amritsar, India Figure 2: Amritsar, India
Figure 3: Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay Border Figure 4: Sunset, Hadd Rin Beach, Thailand

Since I got back from travelling, I have been itching to leave Ireland again, and with economic difficulties forcing me to work in Enniskillen for a year and now Galway, my desire to travel to greener pastures has heightened.

I am blessed that my gorgeous girlfriend Ruth of 5 years shares the same desire to leave, so we have both decided to take a risk and give up our permanent jobs and see what Canada has to offer us.

In truth, Ruth and I were determined to go and experience working and living in either Oz or Canada before we had even finished travelling so the only question was where and when.

Location was an easy decision as we had heard many good things about Canada and we both love to snowboard and mountain bike, thus leaving Canada (Vancouver) as an obvious choice.

Deciding when was a bit tougher, we needed to raise some funds and pay off loans etc., which had accumulated over the years. So now two and a half years later we are finally ready to go.

Once we had decided where we were going, the next step was to tell our families what we had decided.

This was as tough as I had expected; my parents were a bit sceptical of my reasoning behind going and believed that I would be better off staying in Ireland and building a career.

After the initial shock however, my parents seemed to come around and although I will miss them and they will miss me, I’m sure an added holiday destination for them will ease the suffering a small bit.

At present we are still waiting for our Visas to be approved. They were posted on the 23rd of December so we are hoping to receive them in the next couple of weeks.

Once we have, we will give our notice in work, book our flights, say goodbye to our loved ones and be on our way; provided all goes to plan.

The Visa application process was easier than expected. We had two options; the first was to pay extra money by applying through USIT Travel.

The second was to apply directly to the Canadian Embassy in London. We have previous experience applying through companies like USIT, where they do provide a good service, however they are generally expensive and do not actually save you much time.

They will make their visa package sound more attractive by offering to set up a bank accounts etc. In reality, these things are generally easy to set up by yourself anyway. So we applied directly through the official website.

This website provides detailed step by step explanations of how to fill out each form. The only time consuming part was providing a police certificate.

This took us less than a week to get following some polite persuasion to our relevant district office Gardaí.

So once we had acquired these, we got our Photos, Passport Photocopy’s, Police Certs and 3 application forms and sent them by registered post to London.

Although we briefly tried to get jobs in Vancouver and a few other places, we have decided to leave it until we get there.

We have some money to keep ourselves entertained for a while so we figured we would have an easier time looking for work on location.

I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do with regard to accommodation. Usually we just arrive in a city with a lonely planet and go to the best location and pick our favourite place.

However this time we will have a lot of gear with us, i.e. snowboards, bikes, hair dryers, hair straighteners, 20 pairs of shoes……. (All of which I will end up carrying as my punishment for being a man). So we will probably book into a hostel to begin with.

Anyway, all that aside, I cannot wait. Once the Visas come through (checking my mails 100 times a day btw) I will be on a serious buzz, I won’t be able to work in here thinking about it.

Ha Ha who cares I’m leaving anyway……………

Tlk soon.

The Loose Moose


  • Dermot Mortimer says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great idea this blog I now have the full picture what you guys are planning.
    Good luck on your travels,You will have to visit me again on the farm or else in town
    before you leave.I have been to Spain since we last spoke .I need to live in a warmer
    climate for winter anyway.Talk soon

    (Artist and Entrepreneur)

    ps ; Title above Ruth for any more paperwork you may have to complete !!!

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