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A lot of the bigger companies use recruitment companies to narrow the employee search for them before they hire someone. Before you go to meet with a recruiter make sure to get your CV into the Canadian Resume format. Your resume is not a place to blab on about yourself and your bubbly personality. A good resume will have all of the background details that the recruiter needs to understand where you are coming from, your education and your work history. Our friends at have detailed guides and examples of how best to get your resume into Canadian format and some other useful tips.

Just like anywhere in the world, you should always have a cover letter that suits the position you are applying for. In the cover letter mention the position you are applying for and reference the company. Always, thoroughly read the job description and re-use the skills and characteristics that they highlight. Your cover letter should be no more than a page with three or four paragraphs.

Most of the major recruitment websites will allow you to fill out an application online. Fill these in, sign-up for their job alerts and connect with them directly to try set up an appointment. Remember when you go to meet with a recruiter they are probably meeting with potential candidates on a daily basis so put on your best performance and try to stand out from the crowd.

Here is a little tip: study the language used in the job description, formal or informal. If the company wants a wacky, energetic employee, show how wacky you can be and sign off with cheers instead of Yours Sincerely. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the recruiter/company for the opportunity.

I have put a few links to full time and temporary agencies in Toronto below but if you know of any other great links be sure to let us know at

Full-time Positions

Great Connections

The Dean Group

Talent Cor

Recruiting Now


Temp Agencies



The Bagg Group

Office Team

TDS Personnel

Note: If you decide to go with a Recruitment Agency don’t approach the company directly also. Remember that the recruitment agency has built the relationship with this company and will probably find out if you are contacting them too.

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