Spending your Tax Refund

tax refund

Oh the joys of spending your tax refund, there’s nothing quite like getting a nice cheque in the post (or deposit in your bank account!). We look forward to this each year in Canada…

If you’re a newbie to this scene, you can check out our advice on how to file your tax return in Canada; otherwise let’s get down to the good stuff. How are you gonna spend it?!


We’ll the the obvious choices out of the way first, then we’ll move on to the fun stuff!

1. Take a Trip!

tax refund

Yes, we know. But this country is SO BIG and SO EXPENSIVE to travel in, why not make the most of your tax refund to help you take advantage of your Working Holiday in Canada? We recommend checking out Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in BC for super chill weekends away; Banff and Jasper National parks if you want to see the Canadian Rockies and some beautiful glacial lakes; Montreal for a cultural weekend away; or Toronto to catch a game in the Rogers Arena followed by a night out on the town! Another awesome option is to wait until the summer and plan some camping trips! Check out our camping blog if you’re a first timer.

2. Learn Something!

tax refund

Have you been waiting to get some funds together to learn a new skill? Well there’s no time like the present, and once you’re abiding by your Working Holiday Visa guidelines (aka. no studying for longer than 6 months), we’re all for it! Why not try your hand at scuba diving, snowboarding or skiing? They are definitely not cheap sports to try out, but let your tax refund help you out a little bit!

Or maybe you’d prefer to become a yoga instructor. Not into sports? Why not take an online course in coding, design or SEO? There’s lots of options out there to choose from.

3. Get Fit!

tax refund

Challenge yourself; try a new class or join a gym with your tax refund supporting you all the way. Maybe you wanna try out CrossFit or buy a bike, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself a little.


4. Cross that border!

tax refund

Maybe you’re not into this and want to stay in Canada (which we totally understand) – but we’re super close to the States, so why not take a trip across the border for a long weekend? Firstly you’ll need to make that sure you have the relevant visa to actually be allowed in; but then you’re good to go 🙂

We recommend checking out some places such as the Badlands in South Dakota, the Oregon Coast and Yellowstone National Park – but if you wanna check out the bigger cities; there’s always New York, Boston and Chicago for those on the East Coast, and San Francisco, Seattle and LA for those on the West Coast. Keep an eye on flights on these sites:

  • Flying from Vancouver: http://www.yvrdeals.com/
  • Flying from Calgary: http://www.yycdeals.com/
  • Flying from Toronto: http://www.yyzdeals.com/
  • Flying from Montreal: http://www.yuldeals.com/
  • Flying from Kelowna: http://www.ylwdeals.com/
  • Flying from Ottawa: http://www.yowdeals.com/
  • Flying from Halifax: http://www.yhzdeals.com/

5. Let’s Party in Vegas!!

We obviously wanted to include Vegas in this blog, but we thought it needed it’s own section. Why not get a crew together and hit up the party capital of the USA?

WARNING: It’s very possible you will spend/ lose your tax refund by doing this.


tax refund


6. Enjoy it!

Most importantly, make the most of your time in Canada! You may even want to put some of your refund towards your PR application… but we’ll leave that process for another blog 😉

P.s. let us know what you’re gonna do with your refund!

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