Cost of accommodation in Vancouver

Considering that Vancouver has recently been voted the world’s best city to live in, it also ranks as Canada’s most expensive city to rent in. A studio just for you in the West End or Kitsilano is going to cost you in the region of $850, while a one bedroom apartment in the same areas could reach $1100. Even sharing a larger two or three bedroom apartment in these areas could be as much as $700-$800. But do shop around, we are only giving you a rough guide here so be persistent and take your time, you could find a great place to share with your friends for $600-$700 each.

Average Rent in Vancouver Hoods – $ – October 2010

Neighbourhoods Studio 1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed
Zone 1: West End/Stanley Park $875 $1100 $1720 $2580
Zone 2: English Bay $895 $1080 $1590 $2500
Zone 3: Downtown $920 $1140 $1725 $2580
Zone 4: South Granville/Oak St $830 $1040 $1455 $1840
Zone 5: Kitsilano/Point Grey $850 $1050 $1460 $2090


Date adapted from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation rental market report for October 2010.