Choosing your neighborhood

Hopefully our guide to accommodation in the city here will help you get a roof over your head. To avoid crazy downtown rents, a lot of working holidaymakers move south across Granville Bridge towards Oak St, Broadway and even the trendy, beachfront neighbourhood of Kitsilano.

Vancouver really has so many great places to live; it really is worth putting the time in and doing your research before you arrive. On arrival, I would suggest staying in a hostel or with a friend for a week or two during which time you can arrange apartment viewings in the neighbourhoods you have identified as “your kind of place”.

Some of our favourite hangouts are Gastown, Yaletown, West End, and Kitsilano. Unfortunately, all of these come with a big price tag – Kitsilano probably being the most reasonable and only just over Granville Bridge with great public transport. Burnaby is another area just outside of downtown that attracts a lot of working holiday makers so its well worth considering. Even out by Metrotown is a good idea as it is on the Skytrain and as Metrotown is Canada’s largest mall it offers plenty of casual retail and similar type jobs.

As with our suggestion for Toronto, if you are just going for a summer, do consider the student residence at University of British Columbia (UBC). They may also rent their accommodation out to working holiday makers and international students. Again, it will be central and well serviced by public transport. Check out the summer residence a UBC here.