Choosing your hood – Ski Resorts

This is a lot more straight forward in the ski resorts as opposed in to in somewhere like Toronto or Vancouver. Ski resort towns are smaller so you won’t have as many hoods to choose from. Not to mention that you are unlikely to be able to afford anywhere right in the middle of the town.

First off, if you are working directly for one of the resort companies, you won’t even get to choose your hood. They provide staff housing and you can’t really move that without significant planning permission.

If you are choosing your own accommodation talk to other people who have been there before. You will find them on online forums, ski websites or in the local cafes and bars when you arrive. Lets take the example of Whistler here as it is also the largest resort you could end up working at.

Ideally, we would all like to live in the Village. It’s close to the ski lifts, shops and bars, and most likely close to work too. Unfortunately, property in the main village is very expensive so ground level will be reserved for commercial use. Second floor is residential but generally reserved for the tourists or anyone else who can afford to live there – and lets face it – as a 3rd class citizen/ski bum you most likely cant afford this. That said, you can get some deals in the studios or small apartments in the Village but that will either involve performing favors for the landlady or seeing the advertisement in the Pique before anyone else does.

Creekside is a little bit further away from the main village but does have its own ski lifts. Its a good bit cheaper but many working holiday makers opt for a little further afield in Function Junction or surrounding areas. These will be significantly cheaper and public transport is generally pretty reliable, or you will have a friend who can give you a lift in his car the odd morning.

Again, maybe the best thing to do when you arrive is stay in a hostel for a few nights while you talk to other people arriving to work for the season, see what they are doing and scope out the different hoods together.