Bucket list of things to do in BC

From the last year on a working holiday in mainly BC I jotted down some of things I think everyone should do and some I want to do. If you want to add any let me know and I’ll stick them in.

Go to a White Caps game ✔

Go to the Vancouver Aquarium ✔

Go Stanley Park ✔

Lunch on Granville Island ✔

Go to Wreck Beach

Ski Cypress ✔

Ski Grouse

Ski Seymour

Hike the chief ✔

Go to Chinatown in Vancouver ✔

Go to the Vancouver library

Go to a Cannucks game ✔ ✔ ✔

Ski Whistler ✔

Get wasted at Longhorn’s locals night/Tommy Africa’s 80’s night/ Garfs skate night ✔ ✔ ✔

Go hot tub poaching in Whistler ✔

Stay in a samesun in BC ✔

Go ice skating in Van

Go downhill biking in whistler

Go tubing in Whistler

Go down the river of golden dreams in Whistler

Go to the Luge championships in Whistler ✔

Go to Kelowna and swim in the lake ✔

Hike Lake Louise and swim there (so cold!) ✔✔

Go to the Calgary stampede (I know it’s not in BC but a drive away) ✔

Go to the sunshine coast ✔

Go to Tofino ✔

Go to El Furniture Warehouse in Whistler enough times until you hate it ✔

Buy and sell copious amounts of useless junk on craigslist ✔

Eat perogies ✔

Eat poutine ✔

Hike Blacktusk

Go to science world

Drink in the Cambie in Vancouver ✔

Go to a massive house party in Whistler ✔

Go to the Roxy in Vancouver (you will regret it, but an experience all the same) ✔



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