Big White Resort

So Big White resort was my first port of call on the road trip. It’s about an hour drive from Kelowna, which is handy enough. It was my first experience of driving in snow. The drive was a bit of an anticlimax, as I was expecting to use all of my James Bondesque Winter driving skills, but the car did all the work so I didn’t have to. I was lucky, I had a 4×4 with snow tires, so cruised along nicely. The scenery along the way was fairly James Bondesque, huge snowy hills and pine trees, to be expected but still impressive.

Big White is a nice sized resort. It’s much more chilled than Whistler. No queues for gondolas, chair lifts, bars, clubs and grocery stores. Which is amazing. The mountain has about 7 or 8 chairs so there is a lot of terrain to check out. Naming the resort Big White was a fine choice, as when you get to the top of the mountain it’s like you’re walking on the moon. The trees are all submerged by snow, so there are gigantic snow cones everywhere, sticking out of the ground.

An amazing feature of Big White is its endless amounts of tree runs. The tree runs are brilliant as they accommodate both beginners and experts alike. I loved the run down from Grizzly and runs going through the trees on the left of the left middle chair (I think!).

Après seems to be based largely around Snoeshoe Sam’s pub. A pretty big bar, restaurant and club. It seems to be fairly hopping every night of the week which can only be a good thing. The pizza I got from Sam’s left a little to be desired but to be honest it seems to be more about the pitchers than the pizzas in there.

Big White takes on hundreds of workers every year. They host a jobs fair usually in late October or early November. For more details about working at Big White click here.

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