Week 5: Twenty Six Days to Go:

What an amazing week I’m having. I am about to launch into my working holiday in Canada. We have been talking about moving to Canada for so long now and we have told so many people our plans. Friends were constantly asking when were we planning to go and we could never answer for sure. Some of them must have begun to doubt if we’d ever go. It had gotten to the stage where even I wasn’t sure if we’d ever go. Finally we can say for sure: “We are going to Canada on the 13th March 2012”.


I am amazed at the amount of people in the last week who have come up to me and said that they were/are planning the same. I love to hear this sort of thing; it makes me feel really good about what we are doing. I am also very grateful to all our friends and family who are genuinely excited for us and to people who have taken time to give us tips or put us in contact with friend of theirs over there.


I am a firm believer that a trip begins the minute you book your flights and so far this is definitely true. We’ve been on a buzz all week 🙂 🙂


Flights to Canada:

We booked our flights last Sunday. We tried all the following:

The cheapest flights were with Aer Lingus, however we plan to come home for Christmas and they are ceasing operations in October 2012 for whatever reason. The next best were for about €700 with lastminute.com on British Airways. We did see flights that were much cheaper before Christmas, but I guess that’s the advantage of booking in advance.

So we booked the BA flights last Sunday. It’s all go now.


Working Holiday Insurance Canada:

We have only looked a small bit into insurance. VHI just released a backpacker insurance policy for €210.00 the other day which is cheap. The only problem is they will not cover skiing no matter how much money you’re willing to pay. Ruth found one year backpacker insurance with winter sport and mountain biking cover with multi-trip.com for €253. We will wait and do a bit more research before we book.


Accommodation in Canada:

We booked accommodation in Whistler for 9 nights as it is peak season over there and it is definitely a good idea to book in advance. We decided to stay in a hostel as they are cheaper, more fun and make it easier to meet people. The HI hostel has gotten the best reviews on the internet, but it is very expensive as far as hostels go. So we decided to try out The Fireside Lodge. Fingers crossed we don’t regret it. We might try out the HI hostel another time.


Lift Passes Whistler:

Literally as I write Ruth is booking lift passes for 7 days with 1 day flex, so we will probably use this day off for a big (bigger than usual) drinking session or a rest day if we had any sense 🙂 . The lift passes are costing us about €466.00 for the week – a bit on the expensive side but sure you only live once!!!

In 26 Days’ time we will be disembarking a plane in Vancouver airport with 9,984,670 km.sq of land to explore, the second largest country in the world at our disposal. If I had the money, I’d spend my whole time exploring and seeking adventure but until I win the lotto, I will have to get myself a job fairly quick to fuel my need for adrenalin and madness.


Tune in next week. Same Moose Time. Same Moose Channel.

We will have some update on our insurance, preparations, plans, accommodation and we may have started to look for jobs…maybe!!!

Bring on the Great White North!

The Loose Moose.


Some cheesy pics of me and Ruth on our previous travels shown below!


  • Papa Fiowtz says:

    I’m looking to go to Canada this summer, thanks for all the useful tips!! Really cheesy photo’s though…..

  • Barstool says:

    Well written blog. Can’t wait to read about your adventures,sounds AMAZEBALLS!!!
    If you guys ever plan a trip to the west coast of the US of A,look me up.

    Yours in travel,

    American Bar.

    • The Loose Moose says:

      Cheers Barry,

      An auld trip to vegas and beyond is very appealing. Leave it with me.
      You can show us some of the MTB trails down your way.
      And same to you, if you fancy a trip to the Great White North, I’d be delighted to entertain you or vise versa!!!!!!



  • D-GAMES says:

    Great blog Loose Moose well written and very helpful.

    Look forward to hearing more about your aventures.

    Yours in games

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