The 10 Most Liveable Cities in the World

liveable cities

Looking to make a change? That’s what your 20’s and 30’s is for .. right? Travelling the world, learning new languages, embracing new cultures.. the world is your oyster!

The list of the most (and least) liveable cities in 2016 has just been revealed.

Compiled annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIUN), 140 cities are looked at in the Global Liveability Ranking. Each city is scored on five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.


The Least Liveable Cities

10. Damascus, Syria

9. Tripoli, Libya

8. Lagos, Nigeria

7. Dhaka, Bangladesh

6. Port Moresby, PNG

5. Algiers, Algeria

4. Karachi Pakistan

3. Harare, Zimbabwe

2. Douala, Cameroon

1. Kiev, Ukraine


The Most Liveable Cities

10. Hamburg, Germany

Craving that character that can only come from Europe?

liveable cities


9. Helsinki, Finland

This place looks awesome, one for the list!

liveable cities


8. Auckland, New Zealand

I’m noticing a pattern; sunshine, coastal cities, lots of boats and pretty lights. Go Auckland!

liveable cities


7. Perth, Australia

Sunshine sunshine sunshine..

liveable cities


6. Adelaide, Australia

This city looks ACE!

liveable cities


5. Calgary, Canada

Yee-haw. This cowboy city has it all.

liveable cities


4. Toronto, Canada

Nightlife, food, awesome city!

liveable cities


3. Vancouver, Canada

Whoop Whoop, we heart Vancouver! What’s not to love about this place.



2. Vienna, Austria

No surprises here, Vienna is on EVERY list there is!

liveable cities


1. Melbourne, Australia

Again, no surprises.. has anyone been to Melbourne on a working holiday visa?

liveable cities


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